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Civil litigation is a process for using the courts to settle disputes and grievances in non-criminal proceedings. Typically, one party is claimed to have wronged another. There are several specialized forms of civil litigation:

  • Labor Law
  • DivorceAction
  • Small Claims

Other civil litigation falls into the category of General Litigation.

Steven Skahn’s experience in litigation has enabled him to handle a wide range of cases.  He has handled contract cases of various kinds.  In one contract case, he obtained an arbitration award for his client of two million dollars for breach of a consulting contract.  He has additionally handled such diverse cases as a patent ownership case in bankruptcy court and a will dispute case in probate court.

If you believe that you have been wronged by someone, or if you have been contacted of served with a legal complaint, contact the law offices of Steven L. Skahn for a consultation regarding your rights.