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Excerpts of hearing on Motion for Attorney Fees and Costs, held July 9, 2001, in the Ionia County Circuit Court. From the judge’s ruling in which he awarded attorney fees under the Michigan Civil Rights Act: 

Sometimes, I think, but for Mr. Skahn’s dogged pursuit of this case, it would have went away a long time ago and Plaintiffs would have went uncompensated for what a jury has determined they are entitled to relief. 

As such, there was a great deal of skill, time and labor involved. …

…This is one of the largest cases, if not the largest case, that I am aware of in this Circuit. It is certainly is the largest case that I have ever been involved in either as a Circuit or District Court Judge. 

…I have been impressed throughout this trial…by the professional conduct by Mr. Skahn….

....The efforts over and again by plaintiffs’ counsel and again, what I said before, I think summarizes everything. But for the bulldogged efforts of Mr. Skahn, this case would never have gone to trial and his client would have been uncompensated. As such, I think that is a substantiating factor to award fees, costs, under Elliott-Larsen [civil rights act]. 


A client and his wife after the settlement of a wrongful discharge case, wrote:
We just want to tell you that we appreciate the efforts, hard work and understanding that you have shown us. The work you have completed has had positive results. The words do not exist to express how grateful we are to have your help in this time of need.


Following the settlement of her sexual harassment claim:
Thank you again for everything. Finally can put it behind me.


From a worker’s compensation client:
You are the best Steve. You helped me change my life and give me a new start with opportunities. Thanks again for everything.


A satisfied client in an automobile negligence case:
I certainly would give your name as a reference to someone in need of legal services of this type.