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Here are several notable cases handled by Steven L. Skahn:

  1. Mr. Skahn obtained a $3.1 million verdict against the Michigan Department of Corrections in a reverse discrimination case on May 18, 2001 on behalf of four plaintiffs, two white and two African-American, who each faced harassment resulting in severe emotional injury from their African-American supervisor. 
  2. Mr. Skahn obtained a $2.5 million arbitration award for an individual contractor for breach of his consulting contract. 
  3. Mr. Skahn obtained a $500,000 settlement for two women in a gender discrimination, hostile work environment case against a Fortune 500 company.
  4. Mr. Skahn obtained a $100,000 settlement for the medical neglect of a prisoner in a civil rights case against the Muskegon County Jail.
  5. Mr. Skahn obtained $220,000 for a pedestrian injured in an automobile case.
  6. Mr. Skahn obtained $250,000 for an individual injured by a defective press in a product liability case.
  7. Mr. Skahn has successfully handled hundreds of worker’s compensation and social security cases.